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NFL Team Names

Team names should have one of two characteristics. Either they should be evocative of something that would be an asset in football (courage, power, ferocity, speed, etc.) or something unique to the area in which they reside, so long as that unique entity is not a liability in football. For example, the California State University, Santa Cruz has as their team name the “banana slugs.” Banana slugs are, indeed, native to the Santa Cruz area but are one of the dorkiest team names ever since nothing about the repulsive banana slug is in any way an asset to any sports endeavor. That is, unless at some point they come up with a competition for disintegrating into a mucous glob when salt is poured on you.

Meeting the first criteria, a name suggesting ferocity, for example, generally negates the second. In other words, for Detroit to use the name Lions is fine given the characteristics of a lion, regardless of the fact that there have never been any actual lions in Detroit (unless in a zoo or circus).

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Go Ahead, Try a Download

Glad you dropped-by the site but don’t just scroll through it. There are complete novels, humorous essays, and a play that explores what the Disciples were doing while Jesus was in the tomb. Downloading them is easy. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader you can download and install it (it’s pretty simple) from this site also. Once you download a book you can save it and read it from your computer at your leisure. You could even print it out (if you have lots of paper!). Please try one and let me know how you like it. Thanks, and enjoy!

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