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Archive for August, 2007


Click the Books link in the upper right section of this page. There you will find 5 full-length novels, 2 of which were not previously available, and 4 of which you can download for free! They download as PDF’s which almost all computers can open. When you open one, you can then save it on your computer and read it at your leisure or even print it out if you’ve got plenty of paper.

I’m actually quite pleased with each and every one. I especially like the book-and-sequel combination Hidden in a Field and The Way of Escape. Take a look at the synopses and excerpts you can see by clicking the books’ titles. If one sounds even mildly interesting, go ahead and download it and give it a try. It costs you nothing and if I haven’t hooked you by the second chapter, you can always delete your downloaded copy.

There is nothing more frustrating than doing what I love, writing, and not being able to convince people to even try reading it. Like the proverbial tree falling alone in the forest, a book unread is meaningless. A more apt comparison is a singer alone on an island with no one to hear. I really don’t mind so much if someone says, “Meh, tried it but not my cup of tea.” It’s when people won’t even give one a try that drives me nuts.

Although they are all fiction, each one has something to say. So how ’bout it? Take the plunge, help out a fledgling author and, who knows? You might be entertained and perhaps given some food for thought! Thanks and God Bless!

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