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I have put a series of my novels out on Kindle and Nook as ebooks. If you have a Kindle or Nook Tablet/Reader you can, of course, download and read them there. Or, if you have an iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, or probably any other smart phone or tablet device, you can get a free Kindle or Nook app and use those devices to read them. I’ve read entire books on my iPhone and, though you might think it’s too small to read on, it’s really not bad at all.

The books are in a series called Ever Increasing Glory. The first book is Hidden in a Field, the second is The Way of Escape and the third is Canceled Debts. Although they’re classified as Christian romances they include an attempted murder, a car wreck, a foiled rape attempt, and a guy getting worked over with a rubber hose so they’re not all just romantic fluff.

You can use the links below or search the Kindle or Nook sites by the series (Ever Increasing Glory), by the titles or by “D. L. Hamilton” (Don Hamilton won’t work).

•Book 1: Hidden in a Field
•Book 2: The Way of Escape
•Book 3: Canceled Debts

Or, for the more graphically-oriented, click on the cover image below:

Hidden in a Field Cover TN The Way of Escape Cover TN Canceled Debts Cover TN

You can view the whole Ever Increasing Glory series.

You can read the first few chapters for free and the books themselves are pretty inexpensive. Hope you find the stories enjoyable as well as inspirational.

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The Anthrocide Solution

If you suddenly awoke in the year 2101 and the trends that exist today had continued to their logical conclusions, what kind of society would you find? That is precisely what happens to Larry Blevins in The Anthrocide Solution. He finds a world where families, faith and freedom are not merely discarded, but outlawed. It is a world where raising children or mentioning God can get one executed in a bizarre sports-arcade-game-show while gamblers bet on how long it will take. It is a world where good and evil are no longer recognized. It is a world whose seeds are being planted in our day. Yet, even in this nightmare world is a word of hope—whispered for fear of discovery. To his great surprise, Larry becomes an integral part of fulfilling that hope via God’s planned solution—the Anthrocide Solution.

The Anthrocide Solution is available from for purchase in print or as a download (PDF). An excerpt from the book is available on this site.

Strangers and Aliens

Stan Jericoff is an ace fighter-craft pilot in the decades-long war between Earth and the merciless Scylla. Eventually he and a Scyllan are marooned on a nearly unknown world with no means of letting anyone know they are there.

Stan makes some vital discoveries about life, about his own faith, and eventually an astounding discovery about love from a most unexpected source. Strangers and Aliens is science-fiction with character interplay and a unique twist that even non-sci-fi-readers will find intriguing. Oh, and wait till you find out who the alien is!

Strangers and Aliens is available as a free download.

Hidden in a Field

Lisa Taylor is a single mom who relies on God to get her through her everyday trials of which there are many. Still, she is secure in the love of Jesus.

Clayton Osborne is an avowed atheist, secure that he has all of life’s most necessary answers. Then one day he finds a purse while jogging past the football field. Lisa Taylor’s purse. From the moment he delivers it, neither person’s life is ever the same.

Hidden in a Field is about romance. Hidden in a Field is about mystery. But most of all, Hidden in a Field is about atheism being confronted with the power of Christ’s love.

Hidden in a Field is available from Kindle or Nook.

The Way of Escape

Greg Taylor has a problem. He is crazy about Chauncette Dupree and she is everything wrong for him. Lisa, Greg’s sister, has a problem. Her daughter’s absentee biological father is threatening to sue for custody rights unless the financially-strapped Lisa pays to get him out of a jam. Chauncette has a problem. She is facing vehicular manslaughter charges for allegedly killing a family man while drunk.

The Way of Escape, sequel to Hidden in a Field, shows how God works despite the messes we get ourselves into, and even when the aftermath is not always the perfect ending we would want.

The Way of Escape is available from Kindle or Nook.

Canceled Debts

Les’s proposal is almost exactly as Chauncette envisioned it: halting, humble, self-deprecating, yet at the same time reassuring, determined—manly even. She loves him and knows that he is the one for her now and forever. Which makes it all the harder for her knowing she is about to tell him “No.” Ghosts of an abusive childhood will not let her go.

Les’s friend, Will Randall is a lonely middle-aged widower considering going the online dating route. When Will has a chance meeting with the gorgeous but desperate Angela it should be a perfect match…except she has abuse issues of her own, is half his age, and is married. Eventually he considers doing the unthinkable to help her out of an unsolvable dilemma.

Canceled Debts, sequel to The Way of Escape, is a story of the power of forgiveness—forgiveness that seems impossible—and the amazing life changes that can result.

Canceled Debts is available from Kindle or Nook.

The Armor

A storm-damaged ship, including the young crewmember and recent Christian convert John Stander, puts in at the nearest port for repairs. Unfortunately that port is the isolated Cliff Harbor, which John quickly discovers harbors more than ships—there are also horrifying secrets within its grim borders. Holly Young, a beautiful but mysterious young woman with whom he falls in love, reveals that she and the town are under a satanic curse.

The Armor addresses the question, “What would it be like to actually combat the devil using the literal full armor of God?” Its answer is woven into an intriguing adventure of faith, love, and God’s power at work in us.

The Armor is available as a free download.

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