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Random Thoughts

  • With regard to sports teams, I may as well face it. The San Jose Sharks are the San Francisco Giants (during their occasional up years) of hockey. Close, but never quite enough. Come to think of it, the only team — pro or college — I’ve ever rooted for that was able to close the deal was the one that, at the outset, would have been considered the least likely: the 5-time Super Bowl champion 49ers. But it’s been a long dry spell for them since their last championship in 1994.
  • Sigh. Once again I find myself sucked-in to watching America’s Got Talent. Truthfully it has pretty much the same problems that caused me to give up on American Idol. The main exception is that they do give more air-time to acts that could possibly be good and don’t dwell on the obvious dorks quite to the extent that Idol does. However, the results from the first level of elimination are disappointing. They kept a billion-year-old woman with caked-on lipstick who screeches while pounding on a keyboard, a trio of dips that play “air instruments,” and an impressionist-pseudo-pantomimer with less talent than somebody’s tipsy uncle at a family reunion. But they dumped a young African-American woman with an exceptional voice, a group of former street people whose acappella harmonizing was magnificent, and barely squeaked-in two sisters who sing together beautifully despite both having cystic fibrosis. Hopefully the home audience will have better judgment than the judges.
  • On the occasion of our recent 37th anniversary, I told my wife that although it wasn’t a very “guy” thing to say, I love being married to her. Whether I would love being married to anyone else I can’t say, since I (fortunately) have no means of comparison, but I definitely love being married to her and wouldn’t have it any other way. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising. God invented marriage and He knows what He’s doing.
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