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Okay, So Now I’m a Facebook Kinda Guy

I have taken the plunge and signed-up on Facebook. I read somewhere that the number of people had reached over 150 million although I don’t know how factual that number is. Based on the number of “Friends” I have accumulated in just over a week I could see how that is true, though. I’m up to 38 but I heard of one teenager who accumulated over 150 in one day!

Facebook can be a bit of a challenge, though. I’m a person who really wants to understand something thoroughly before I use it. I used to drive my sons crazy when they’d want me to play a video game with them. I’d start asking all kinds of “why” questions about what the point of the game was, why I would want to have Mario jump up and touch a coin, what each button was supposed to do and when I’d want to use it, etc., etc. Their response was always, “You don’t have to know all that, you just start playing it!’ Sorry, boys, not my style. I’m finding that there is a lot of stuff in Facebook but knowing how to get to it can be difficult. There are also features that you can only find if you click enough places from enough pages and such. I don’t see quite enough logic to why one thing is accessible from my Home page but something else I get to from Profile. Still, the basics are kinda fun and it’s amazing how closely it tends to suggest that idea about six degrees of separation between any two people on earth might be to the truth.

That said, I can see that Facebook could pull one in to spending a lot of time on it. I, on the other hand, am more of a once-a-day-if-that user at present. As internet accessibility via cell phone becomes more and more common, one of these days I may well be on it throughout the day if I ever switch out my little freebie flip-phone. Anyway, be seein’ you on FB…

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